"A great golf course does
not consume energy,
it creates energy."

Donald Knott





Makena "North" Hole 12






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Golf is a game that requires assessment, decision-making, feel, touch, and other skills for the golfer to successfully negotiate the challenges a great golf course presents. The game originated on some of the most dramatic landforms nature has created. Our goal is to incorporate the client's objectives with the natural elements of the site provided. Each site and each client is unique and the architect must therefore start with a blank canvas and ultimately produce a design shaped by the special circumstances of the given elements. Our experience, the experience of generations of past designers, the timeless traditions of golf, and the individuality of a given site must combine to produce the challenge, the character, the drama, and the visual aesthetics of a great course.

The game is essentially an obstacle course through nature. Where necessary, the site must be shaped and molded to create the desired elements of the landscape. The development of a course is therefore a dynamic process that moves from detailed plans, to the land. The process involves hands-on time with the site to successfully blend and harmonize the elements of the design with the natural elements of the site, with the engineering requirements of the site, and with the clients expectations to produce a work of art that feels seamless and timeless.

"So many people preach equity in golf. Nothing is so foreign to the truth. Does any human being receive what he conceives as equity in his life? He has got to take the bitter with the sweet, and as he forges through all the intricacies and inequalities which life presents, he proves his metal. In golf the cardinal rules are arbitrary and not founded on eternal justice. Equity has nothing to do with the game itself. If founded on eternal justice the game would be deadly dull to watch and play."
Charles Blair Macdonald

"Most golfers have an entirely erroneous view in regard to the real object of hazards. The majority of them simply look upon hazards as a means of punishing a bad shot, when their real object is to make the game interesting."
Alistar MacKenzie

"The creator of golf holes must not only possess imagination but a keen appreciation of the offerings of nature and the art of landscaping must be allied closely with that of the architect."
A.W. Tillinghast

"Do not strive for length where you sacrifice character. . . .far better a fine medium length hole than a poor long one."
George C. Thomas, Jr.

"Simply to make holes difficult to play is not at all the point. That would be quite an easy matter, and unfortunately it is too frequently done by the inexperienced. To make them thrilling to play, to make them force you to play certain shots, and even to reach certain positions in order to have a chance to play such shots--- these superlatively fine qualities residing in first-rate holes are the result either of exceptionally desirable terrain or the product of an exceptionally talented architect."
Robert Hunter

"A 7000yd course isn't ipso facto a championship course any more than a man who stands 6'9" is ipso facto a great basketball player." Herbert Warren Wind

"There is no such thing as a misplaced bunker. Regardless of where a bunker may be, it is the business of the player to avoid it. Often the very highest recommendation of a bunker is when it is criticized. That shows that it is accomplishing the one thing for which it was built: it is making players think."
Donald Ross

"A round of golf should present eighteen inspirations-not necessarily thrills, because spectacular holes may be sadly overdone. Every hole may be constructed to provide charm without being obtrusive with it."
A.W. Tillinghast


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